Acoustic Products - Produced from recycled PET and Textiles

SilentPET® offers a wide range of soundabsorbing design elements.


SilentPET® Home & Office

Perfekte Raumakustiklösung im Wohnzimmer, Akustik optimieren im Esszimmer

For comfortable feelings within rooms and less noise in living rooms, office, class room, surgery, hotel, restaurant and wherever both acoustic solutions and design are desired.

SilentPET Wall

SilentPET® Wall elements are directly integrated into system walls and provide best room acoustics. The ideal version for space-saving acoustic solutions in your office and other areas.

SilentPET Industry

Robust, impact resistant acoustic elements for demanding, industrial environment. Insensitive to humidity and does not tend to be infested with mildew or bugs.

SilentPET® Print & Art

Acoustic art

The combination of room acousic and art in one element. As an acoustic picture or work of art painted by hand for great acoustics in mansion, lounge, dining room and other exclusive rooms...

Overview Acoustic Solutions

Optimale Raumakustik

Room Acoustic

SilentPET products improve the acoustics like almost no other product on the market. Read more...

Schallschutz in allen Räumen

Noise Reduction

Excellent soundabsorbtion, a large selection and easy installation, making SilentPET being the best acoustic solution for any room. Read more...


SilentPET-Elemente are produced out of recycled PET-bottles and depending on type also mixed with textil recyclingfibers.  Read more...



SilentPET Baffles

Are a very efficient acoustic solution mainly in industrial buildings and large halls. High sound absorption of the panels improves acoustics and reduces noise levels.

SilentPET acoustic solutions

SilentPET® acoustic solutions for any room acoustic problem.