SilentPET® Home & Office

SilentPET® Home & Office acoustic elements have been specially designed to optimise room acoustics in office and living areas. The acoustic and design elements can of course also be used in any other type of room.

Home & Office RECwhite

The Home & Office RECwhite variety is primarily made up of sorted recycled PET bottles. The baseplate, which is highly efficient in acoustic terms, has a white core which has white felt cladding fitted as standard on one side and reflects the light pleasantly around the room.

Home & Office TEX

This is also made out of recycled PET bottles but is combined with 40% fibres from recycled textiles taken from old clothing. This gives the acoustic panel a grey, slightly mottled colour. This sound absorber is also covered with white felt as standard.

General Description

Thanks to their simple design and discreet surfaces, both variations of Home & Office can easily be implemented anywhere and added to existing interior design.

On request, they can be delivered with a coloured cover rather than the smooth white surface, enabling you to use SilentPET® to emphasise certain parts of a room or to give them special markings.

SilentPET® Home & Office is available from stock in standard sizes. They can also be made round or in 2D forms if so desired.

Panel colour

Home & Office RECwhite: white
Home & Office TEX: grey, mottled


Visible surface: felt-covered, white

Standard colour collection:
white, grey, anthracite, black, olive green, red
Other surface colours available on request


Home & Office acoustic panels can also be produced in your choice of 2D forms, enabling you to design acoustically effective logos, figures and much more. 3D forms can also be produced.

SilentPET Home & Office

- Standard element sizes: 120 x 120cm, 120 x 240cm, Ø 120cm
(individual specifications based on customer requirements)
- Maximum size: 150 x 240cm
- Panel width: 50mm
- Weight: ca. 2600g/m2
- Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C


Home & Office RECwhite:
60% recycled PET fibres, 40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface felt-covered

Home & Office TEX:
40% T40% recycled textile fibres, 20% recycled PET fibres,
40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface felt-covered

Sound absorption

Sound absorption class A
Measured levels of sound absorption αw: 0.90

(Sound absorber tested using DIN EN IS0354/DIN EN ISO 11654
SilentPET RECwhite, 1200 x 2400 x 50mm, 2600g/m2,
hanging height 100mm, 300mm respecvely 500mm)


SilentPET® elements are delivered in robust, protective cardboard packaging. They are quick and easy to mount, and can even be installed during normal daily business if necessary.

Ceiling mounting

The elements can be mounted directly on the ceiling or using our elegant steel cable system with adjustable hanging height.

Wall mounting

Elements can be hung or fixed to walls using special aluminium fixers.

It is also possible to stick the acoustic panels directly to walls using silicon or mounting adhesive.

Lights integrated into panels:

Should you require it, we can also integrate lights into various versions of SilentPET® panels. NB: make sure you know how hot the lamps can become. We recommend using LED lights.


SilentPET® Industry

Robust, impact resistant acoustic elements for demanding, industrial environment. Insensitive to humidity and does not tend to be infested with mildew or bugs.

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SilentPET® Acoustic Solutions

SilentPET® acoustic solutions for any room acoustic problem.

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Excellent Acoustic Values

hervorragende Akustikeigenschaften

SilentPET® provides excellent acoustic values and sound absorption and is more cost-efficient than a lot of other products. Acoustic tests using DIN EN ISO354 attest its effectiveness.

Overview Acoustic Solutions

Optimale Raumakustik

Room Acoustic

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Schallschutz in allen Räumen

Noise Reduction

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SilentPET-Elemente are produced out of recycled PET-bottles and depending on type also mixed with textil recyclingfibers.  Read more...