SilentPET® - 100% Advantages

SilentPET creates best room acoustic but offers also many other advantages:


Excellent acoustic values

hervorragende Akustikeigenschaften

SilentPET® provides excellent acoustic values and sound absorption and is more cost-efficient than a lot of other products. Acoustic tests using DIN EN ISO354 attest its effectiveness.

No health problems

The skin-kind material does not provoke allergies, skin irritations or problems to airways. SilentPET® can therefore be used in kindergardens, schools and similar rooms without any problems.

Subsequent soundproofing

SilentPET® soundproofing panels qualify for sound absorption of every description and improve the acoustics in every room. - Also subsequent...

Environmentally friendly

SilentPET® is produced environmentally friendly using recycled PET bottles and textile fibres. Even productions waste is fed back into the production process.

Optimal room acoustics

Optimale Raumakustik für jeden Raum

Good sound absorption, large varieties and easiest handling turn SilentPET® into an optimal acoustic solution for every room.

Design elements

SilentPET® acoustic panels are available in diverse types and colours and even can be produced in 2D and 3D formats.