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Acoustic elements – Made from recycled PET bottles

Improve room acoustics with SilentPET® acoustic elements

Environmentally friendly room acoustics solutions made from recycled PET bottles. Acoustic panels, acoustic pictures, acoustic wall elements, ceiling panels, acoustic baffles, acoustic partitions and much more provide optimal room acoustics solutions for offices, industry, commerce and private areas.

Perfect room acoustics

For more pleasant rooms

The room acoustics should be controlled by the design of the room in such a way that the acoustic characteristics of the room correspond as closely as possible to the intended use. It should be considered that a radio or television studio does not have the same requirements for room acoustics as a lecture hall, a church or a theatre basement, and a meeting room does not need the same room acoustics as an open space office or a living room.

Invest in your health

Better room acoustics without health problems

The high-quality sound absorbing panels meet the most demanding requirements and standards. This guarantees that the SilentPET® acoustic elements do not cause any health problems. The acoustic panels are odourless and do not give off any gases or emissions. SilentPET® can therefore be used safely in kindergartens, schools and similar rooms.

Sustainable production

Makes sure that plastic waste in the environment doesn’t have a chance

Plastic, made from synthetic polymers, is omnipresent in our world and has become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time in recent years, and its importance is expected to increase further. Every year, around 12 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans. Around 14% of the waste comes from ships, the rest enters the sea from the mainland via sewers and rivers, through wind drift or from beaches.

SilentPET® acoustic elements improve room acoustics

01 Acoustics

Bad acoustics causes health problems

Room acoustics are becoming an increasingly important topic in interior design. Various studies show that good room acoustics are important for our well-being. Rooms with poor room acoustics (too long reverberation time) have a more or less noticeable echo effect, which makes speech understanding enormously difficult and rooms extremely noisy. It is difficult to concentrate in such rooms and the increased sound level can even make us ill in the long term.

Room acoustic can be improved 

Fortunately, room acoustics can be improved in most cases with adequate acoustic elements, acoustic ceilings and sound absorbers. SilentPET® with its extremely high sound absorption is an excellent acoustic solution for any room. The room acoustics can be adjusted to suit the use of the room. In Addition, SilentPET® acoustic elements and acoustic partition walls offer excellent visual design options.

02 Sound insulation

Good sound absorption, the wide variety of versions and the easiest installation make SilentPET® the optimal acoustic solution for every room. Rooms equipped with SilentPET® acoustic elements have a shorter reverberation time and therefore better room acoustics and speech intelligibility.
The improved acoustics can also help to improve the sound insulation to the neighbouring room and is often also the more cost-effective solution to sound insulation problems. With SilentPET® there is an optimal solution for almost every acoustic or sound problem.

03 Acoustic and design element

The SilentPET® acoustic element is not only an excellent sound absorber with top acoustic values, SilentPET® acoustic elements also offer a huge variety and flexibility in design possibilities.

On request, a coloured coating can be supplied instead of the plain, white standard surface. Acoustic elements in 2D shapes such as figures, numbers, letters, patterns etc. not only improve the room acoustics, they can also be used as an excellent design element. As a hand-painted picture, SilentPET® offers a particularly elegant way to improve the acoustics in a living room or reception hall. A SilentPET® wall element printed with your advertising message or your most important product looks just as good in your meeting room and also creates a pleasant room feeling and optimal room acoustics.

SilentPET® acoustic elements are extremely versatile and can therefore be used in any room to help create not only the room acoustics but also the room design and adapt it to your needs and ideas.

SilentPET® Recycling
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