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SilentPET® FlexWall II

Acoustic partitions

With the FlexWall II, SilentPET® offers a highly effective acoustic partition wall that can do much more than just absorbing sound. As a room divider, the partition wall allows you to individually divide and esthetically structure open office landscapes. With the movable wall, your office partitioning always remains flexible and acoustically pleasantly quiet.

The FlexWall II is produced from recycled PET bottles and is setting contemporary standards in terms of sustainability. The acoustic partition wall achieves optimised and comfortable room acoustics with its acoustically effective surfaces on both sides. In open-plan offices and workplaces with high noise levels, the partition creates an excellent combination of acoustics and design.

  • acoustic partition in open space office
  • Stellwand Flexwall 1100x765 06
  • Stellwand Flexwall 1100x765 09
  • Stellwand Flexwall 1100x775 05
  • Stellwand Flexwall 1100x765 03
  • SilentPET Tischaufsatz FlexWall II
  • SilentPET Tischaufsatz FlexWall II
  • SilentPET Tischaufsatz FlexWall II
  • SilentPET Tischaufsatz FlexWall II
  • Stellwand Flexwall Design

    General description

    The sound proof partitions provides visual privacy and highly effective sound insulation for employees to work in a concentrated and comfortable atmosphere. The high sound absorption values of the FlexWall partition also ensures pleasant room acoustics with good speech intelligibility. With FlexWall partitions, the design of the rooms can be created individually according to your wishes. It remains flexible at all times and can be easily adapted by yourself to new requirements.

    The FlexWall is also available as a table topper and can be attached to the office desk. The table tops are particularly suitable for height-adjustable desks, as the sound-absorbing wall always remains at the correct height.


    • SilentPET® FlexWall II – sound absorbing partitions

      The FlexWall acoustic movable wall is mainly produced from sorted recycled PET bottles. The acoustically highly effective panel has a grey colour with a thermally treated surface as standard. 

    • SilentPET® FlexWall Design

      The movable wall provides a great variety of colours. The acoustically highly effective SilentPET® basic panel with the thermally treated surface is suitable for painting in any RAL or NCS colour. This means that the office partition can be stylishly integrated into the existing room design. This not only optimises the acoustics, but also completes the room concept in your office!

    Colours & shapes

    • Panel colour

      grey core

    • Surface

      The acoustically highly effective SilentPET® FlexWall has a thermally treated surface and is suitable for painting or printing. It It can be painted in any RAL or NCS colour according to the customer’s wishes.

    • Shapes

      The movable FlexWall leaves a great deal of creative flexibility when it comes to design. You can give the acoustic partition a customised shape and customise your FlexWall with your logo or lettering.

    Application range of acoustic partition

    silentpet flexwall new
    Tischaufsatz Schreibtisch Lampe versetzt

    FlexWall II

    Table top

    In offices, the sound-absorbing table partition with a highly effective surface on both sides ensures pleasant and noise-protected working.

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    Home & Office

    Ceiling installation

    The Home & Office acoustic elements were specially developed for optimising room acoustics in offices or living areas. 

    silentpet flexwall II 06

    FlexWall II

    Privacy and sound insulation

    As a room divider, the partition wall allows you to individually divide and aesthetically structure open office landscapes.

    silentpet flexwall II 05

    FlexWall Design

    Visual and sound protection

    The partition wall leaves a lot of flexibility when it comes to design. You can give the acoustic partition any shape and individualise it with your logo or lettering.


    • Dimension

      FlexWall II:

      The basic version is available in two sizes:
      40 x 1160 x 1600 mm, R 100
      40 x 1160 x 1800 mm, R 100

      FlexWall Design:

      For individual design of the elements in customized shapes or with logos and lettering:
      max. 40 x 1160 x 2360 mm

      FlexWall table top:

      Front panel
      1600 x 570 x 40 mm, R 70
      1800 x 570 x 40 mm, R 70

      Side panel
      750 x 570 x 40 mm, R 70

      Weight: ca. 2600 g/m2
      Temperature range: -30°C bis +80°C

    • Composition

      60% PET recycled fibres, 40% bicofibres (adhesive fibres)
      Surface thermally treated

    • Sound absorption

      40 mm panel: sound absorption class C
      40-mm panel: Sound absorption coefficient αw: 0.60

      (Tested according to DIN EN ISO354 / DIN EN ISO11654)

    • Fire resistance

      Classification according to EN13501-1:    B-s1, d0

    Installation / Maintenance


    The elements are delivered in packs of 2 pieces, well protected, incl. installation accessories.


    Ready for use in a few minutes, either free-standing or lined up, using the assembly instructions supplied. The position can be changed at any time.

    Maintenance for sound proof partitions:

    The acoustic partitions do not require any special care or cleaning. However, as with any object in the room, dust and dirt particles can accumulate on the top over time. For the correct care or cleaning of the partitions, instructions with recommendations are available for download.

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    SilentPET® Recycling
    Next generation acoustic elements

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