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Perfect room acoustics for more comfortable rooms

The room acoustics should be influenced by the design of the room in such a way that the acoustic properties of the room correspond as closely as possible to its intended use. It is important to bear in mind that a radio or television studio does not have the same requirements for room acoustics as a lecture theatre, a church or a theatre basement, and a meeting hall does not need the same room acoustics as an open-plan office or a living room.

Tuned room acoustics

SilentPET® acoustic elements make it possible to adjust the room acoustics to the use of the room. The correct reverberation time can be calculated and adjusted to the correct acoustic value with the correct placement of the appropriate SilentPET® acoustic elements. This is what we call professional acoustic treatment.

  • Ideal use for optimal room acoustics
  • reverberation time can be adjusted to suit the use of the room
  • optimal speech intelligibility in meetings and training rooms
  • produced in a resource and environmentally friendly way
  • correct reverberation time in music rooms
  • reduced noise in production rooms
  • less noise in offices
  • clear speech intelligibility in the shop

Outstanding performance with individual design

In terms of acoustic values and sound absorption, SilentPET® can compete with all comparable products. Acoustic tests according to European standards prove its effectiveness.

SilentPET® Home & Office, 1200 x 2400 x 50 mm RECwhite

  • suspension height: 300 mm
  • sound absoption class A
  • Sound absorption coefficient αw = 0.90
grahpic showing esult of acoustic treatment with SilentPET

SilentPET® Home & Office, 1200 x 2400 x 50 mm RECwhite

  • suspension height: 500 mm
  • sound absoption class A
  • Sound absorption coefficient αw = 0.90
Hervorragende Akustikwerte bei individuellem Design

Acoustic treatment – the investment in your health

SilentPet® acoustic panels comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, product class I for baby products.

This ensures that the SilentPET® acoustic element is not harmful to health or does not cause any health problems. The acoustic panel is odourless and does not emit any gases or emissions. Skin irritations such as redness, itching and similar complaints are also not the issue with SilentPET® acoustic panels. This means that SilentPET® sound absorbers can also be used in kindergartens, schools or living areas without any problems. In addition, the acoustic panel is resistant to moisture and consequently free from mould and vermin infestation.

  • meets the highest requirements and standards
  • resistant to moisture
  • does not cause skin irritation
  • does not cause respiratory problems
  • does not give off gases or emissions
  • is odourless and free of trickling
  • recyclable

Acoustic panels produced sustainably

SilentPET® elements consist mainly of recycled PET bottles. Even the waste generated during production is completely recycled into the production process, further protecting the environment. CO2 emissions can therefore be massively reduced and are lower than with other acoustic products.
The high performance, active-breathing acoustic element is inherently stable and impact resistant. It is excellently designed for frameless installation on ceilings and walls.

  • excellent sound absorption
  • very robust and impact resistant
  • made from recycled raw material
  • produced in a resource and environmentally
  • friendly way
  • reduced CO2 emissions in production
  • recycled production waste
  • can be recycled

Don’t throw away PET products carelessly, as they are the raw material for many new products. In this way, you help to protect our environment.

Improve room acoustics and room design

In addition to excellent acoustic values with good sound absorption, SilentPET® acoustic elements can also be produced in an almost infinite variety of colours and shapes. This makes the SilentPET® acoustic element also extremely interesting for visually demanding rooms.

The fabrication in different compositions, colours and dimensions according to the customer’s wishes makes it possible to include the acoustic elements in the interior design and also to integrate them as a design element in the room design.


  • Excellent acoustic values
  • very robust and low maintenance
  • easy processing
  • resistant to moisture
  • available in different shapes and colours
  • surface can be printed according to your design
  • highest European fire protection standard EN13501-1: B-s1, d0

Sound absorbing retrofitting for quieter rooms

Our entire environment contains disturbing sound sources. In rooms with poor room acoustics, sound waves are distributed in the room by hard surfaces such as tile floors, plaster ceilings, glass walls and many more, and remain in the room for a longer or shorter period of time. This is called the reverberation time. A room with a long reverberation time seems loud, conversations are difficult and over a long period of time the room has a tiring effect on people. In addition, these sound waves also penetrate through the walls, ceiling and floor into the adjoining rooms. Good sound insulation becomes difficult and time-consuming, and therefore expensive.

With SilentPET® acoustic elements, the reverberation time in the room is sustainably shortened. This means that the sound waves are absorbed by the sound absorber and reflected only very little. This makes the room quieter, i.e. the sound transmission through walls etc. is greatly reduced. As a result, the room not only has optimal acoustics, it is also easier to seal off from the outside (sound insulation). Often, good room acoustics can also solve a sound insulation problem. And this is usually more cost-effective than costly sealing attempts.

  • Excellent acoustic values
  • improved room acoustics
  • easier sound insulation to other rooms
  • can also be optimised at a later date
  • can be used for ceiling and wall mounting
  • cost-effective subsequent optimisation

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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