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Room acoustic treatment with SilentPET® improves the room atmosphere.

Room acoustic treatment means – better concentration, less stress, a better atmosphere and more work productivity.

SilentPET® acoustic elements solve room acoustics and sound-related problems in all industries and room types. The high sound absorbing acoustic panels not only improve room acoustics, they are also excellent design elements.

SilentPET – The perfect room acoustic treatment for your branch and your rooms:


Office, Open Space office, Call Centre

Working with less stress
Perfect room acoustic treatment in the office reduces noise pollution, increases well-being and improves productivity. Less stress means better health and less absenteeism from work



Eating in a pleasant atmosphere
A room with good room acoustics has a pleasantly relaxing effect. Conversations at the table can be held discreetly and the guests feel comfortable. 

Your customers stay longer in your inn and like to come back.


Hotel, Lobby, Reception

Modern reception area without hall effect
SilentPET® reduces the reverberation effect even in large reception halls. This improves speech intelligibility and increases discretion at the reception. Your guests feel more comfortable and satisfied with the privacy in your lobby.


Schools & Classrooms

Learning without disturbance
Poor acoustics impair the ability to concentrate and learn. SilentPET® room acoustic treatment improves the acoustics in the classroom and makes learning easier. Thanks to a pleasantly quiet atmosphere, it is much easier for learners to concentrate.


Banks, shops, commercial premises

Modern architecture also creates business spaces where confidential counselling is hardly possible. SilentPET® creates more privacy, enables quiet, relaxed conversations without unwanted listeners and thus guarantees better confidentiality and more satisfied customers.


Industry & Production

Noise disturbs concentration and reduces productivity
Increased noise levels in industrial and production halls can be harmful to health and reduce employee productivity. SilentPET can make the rooms quieter and protects the health of your employees.


Private rooms

Noisy living rooms?
Often an attractive appearance is ruined by unbalanced acoustics. SilentPET® combines good acoustics with many design options and creates good room acoustics in the living area. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in your home.


Practice, Wellness, Fitness

Sterile surgery rooms?
Medical practices and wellness areas must be feel-good areas. With SilentPET® acoustic panels you can create good room acoustics and a pleasant room feeling.

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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