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Improving room acoustics at the workplace – less stress with more silent rooms

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SilentPET® office acoustic panels will also improve your room acoustics in open-plan offices just as well as in meeting rooms.

Open-plan offices are modern. Bright, open rooms and lots of glass give an unrestricted view of the room and you don’t feel cramped at your workplace. Unfortunately, however, it is usually noisy in such rooms, because the office acoustics are often forgotten during the planning stage. Fortunately, it is also possible to improve the room acoustics afterwards with the office acoustic panels designed from SilentPET®.

The acoustic problem

office acoustic panels to reduce the noise in open space office

The phone is ringing, the printer is rattling, the employees are discussing and the air conditioning is also running…
Every day we are surrounded by a lot of noise in the office, some of which we are aware of, but most of which we are not aware of, stressing us and putting a strain on our health. Poor room acoustics caused by large window areas, slab floors and concrete ceilings or other hard materials massively intensify this effect. The whole room is in a constant state of hectic and employees quickly become stressed. It also gets loud in the meeting room as soon as something more intense is discussed and the participants often react quite irritably after a short time.

The acoustic solution

Improve room acoustics with SilentPET® office acoustic panels. The acoustic elements actively reduce the reverberation time in the room and therefore massively reduce the general noise level. As a result, conversations on the phone or discussions between employees become quieter and the noise level drops even further. Even in the meeting room, you get a pleasant feeling of the room. Whether employees or customers, the participants in meetings seem calmer and conversations can again be conducted in a more relaxed and much more businesslike manner. The room situation has definitely an optimal effect on conversations and discussions.

The more quiet feeling in the room has a generally positive effect on the employees. They are less stressed, can concentrate better and are more productive as a result. In the long term, this definitely pays off for the company. As various studies have shown, employees are less often ill due to the acoustically better room situation, production capacity increases and even employee fluctuation can be reduced.

Our proposal: office acoustic panels

SilentPET® Home & Office acoustic panels mounted on the ceiling above the workplaces will noticeably improve the room acoustics and offices or meeting rooms will become correspondingly quieter. Also SilentPET® Print & Art or Acoustic panels in special shapes and colours can be the perfect solution. They will improve the office acoustics and additionally enhance the room design visually. The installation can also be carried out during office operation without any problems and is done in a short time.

In addition, the workplaces can be equipped with SilentPET® FlexWall. Particularly suitable for open-plan offices, FlexWall movable walls also reduce the horizontal transmission of sound and absorb it at the point of origin. FlexWall movable walls calm the room and also create increased privacy and a pleasant working environment for each individual employee.


SilentPET® Home & Office

For best room acoustics

The acoustic elements are specially designed to optimise room acoustics in offices or living areas. The design and acoustic elements are just as suitable for any other room as perfect sound absorbers.


SilentPET® Print & Art

The art of room acoustics

The acoustic element combines design and acoustic properties in one element. An individually designed sound absorber that optimises the acoustics and improves the comfort of the room.

Stellwand Flexwall 1100x765 2

SilentPET® Flexwall

Sound absorbing partition walls

A highly effective acoustic partition wall that does more than just absorb sound. As a room divider, the partition wall allows you to individually divide and aesthetically structure open office areas.

Of course, there are many other ways to improve room acoustics with SilentPET®.
Contact one of our specialised dealers, they will be happy to advise you.

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