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Soundproof panels for banks, shops, commercial premises

soundproof panels in commercial premises

SilentPET® soundproof panels solves acoustic problems and maintains discretion during meetings in banks, commercial and retail premises.

The acoustic problem

gewerbe akustikloesungen

Even shop or bank areas are becoming more and more open and larger. For their part, the modern building materials then also contribute to the fact that it is hardly possible to have a confidential conversation any more. Every word, if not actually whispered, can be heard almost throughout the room. In shops, the general noise level is so high that the advertising televisions in the shop have to run without sound so that the customer advisor can still have a somewhat normal consultation. Of course, there is no longer any question of discretion.

The acoustic solution

SilentPET® can also provide a solution here. Soundproof panels placed in the right place, the acoustic elements prevent the excessive sound waves from spreading and thus ensure more discretion. Conversations become quieter and more understandable and the customer consultant can conduct business with his customers without constant stress. The customer feels less observed and discretion is better maintained.

This increases the satisfaction as well as the well-being of customers and employees in your rooms.

Our recommendation

SilentPET® Home & Office placed above the counter or counselling islands stops the sound where it originates. The sound waves spread less in the room, making conversations quieter and more discreet. Advertising messages can also be printed on SilentPET® Print & Art elements. SilentPET soundproof panels attached to the wall will also have an extremely decorative effect as a ” hidden” sound absorber in the form of an advertising space or with your company logo. SilentPET® has already made shop assistants and customers happy in many shops.

SilentPET HO 02 1100x765 1

SilentPET® Home & Office

For perfect room acoustics

For a pleasant room ambience and less noise in the living area, office, training, practice, hotel, restaurant and everywhere else where great importance is attached to aesthetics in combination with room acoustics.


SilentPET® Print & Art

The acoustic element combines design and acoustic properties in one element. An individually designed sound absorber that optimises the acoustics in the room and improves the ambience.

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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