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Sustainable production –
giving plastic waste no chance in the environment

SilentPET acoustic panels reduces plastic waste in oceans

Plastic, made from synthetic polymers, is omnipresent in our world and has become one of the biggest environmental problems of our time in recent years, and its prominence is likely to increase further. Every year, around 12 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans. Around 14% of the waste comes from ships, the rest enters the sea from the mainland via sewers and rivers, through wind drift or input via beaches.

SilentPET® elements consist mainly of recycled PET bottles. Even the waste generated during production is completely recycled into the production process, further protecting the environment. Compared to the production of new PET, the use of recycled PET saves up to 80% of the energy.
This massively reduces CO2 emissions and is lower than with other sound absorbing panel.
In particular, the use of recycled raw materials can sustainably reduce environmental pollution and produce useful and valuable products from waste.

In this way, SilentPET®, with the recycled PET bottles used to manufacture the acoustic panels, makes a significant and important contribution to reducing the pollution of the ocean.

SilentPET® acoustic panels meet the highest demands

The SilentPET® acoustic panels meet the highest requirements of eco-building and Minergie-Eco with regard to ecological and health specifications with the rating eco-1. The acoustic elements are very suitable for Minergie-(A-/P-)Eco and has 1st priority according to Eco-BKP/Eco-Devis.

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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