Acoustics, room acoustics – produced from PET recycling - acoustic elements perfectly matched for every room.

Improve room acoustics with elements from SilentPET

Acoustics, room acoustics – produced from PET recycling - acoustic elements perfectly matched for every room.

No health problems

The skin-kind material does not provoke allergies, skin irritations or problems to airways. SilentPET® can therefore be used in kindergardens, schools and similar rooms without any problems.

SilentPET - Room Acoustics Calculator

Acoustic calculator to plan the acoustic values of your rooms.

Excellent acoustic values

hervorragende Akustikeigenschaften

SilentPET® provides excellent acoustic values and sound absorption and is more cost-efficient than a lot of other products. Acoustic tests using DIN EN ISO354 attest its effectiveness.

SilentPET® for home, office and industrial usage

Acoustics are taking an increasing importance when it comes to interior design. Various studies have shown that good room acoustics are important for our well-being. Rooms with poor acoustics however (i.e. with reverberation periods that are too long) have varying degrees of echo effect, which means that it is incredibly difficult to understand conversations and the rooms themselves are extremely loud. Rooms like these make it difficult to concentrate and the increased noise level can even have an adverse effect on health in the long term.

Fortunately however, acoustics and / or room acoustics can in most cases be improved using the right acoustic elements and sound absorbers. SilentPET® has extremely high levels of sound absorption and is perfect as an acoustic solution for every room. It enables the acoustics to be adapted to the particular usage of the room as well as providing excellent visual design possibilities.

Good sound absorption, a wide variety of options and ultra-simple mounting make SilentPET® the ideal acoustic solution for every room. Fitting SilentPET® acoustic elements means that rooms have a shorter reverberation period and thus better acoustics and audibility of speech.

Better acoustics can also help improve the sound damping in neighbouring rooms and is often a more cost-effective solution when it comes to sound-absorbing problems. SilentPET® provides the ideal solution for almost every acoustic or noise problem.




As well as being excellent sound absorbers with top acoustic values, SilentPET® acoustic elements also have a whole host of design varieties which can be flexibly implemented.

Should you require, the smooth white standard surface can also be delivered with a coloured cover. Acoustic elements in 2D forms such shapes, numbers, letters and patterns not only improve the room acoustics but can also be implemented as attractive design elements. SilentPET® can also be hand-painted to provide a smart variation in lounges or reception areas whilst also improving acoustics. A SilentPET® Wall element printed with your marketing message or your leading product will look perfect in meeting rooms whilst provide an acoustically pleasant atmosphere in the room.

SilentPET® is as varied as it is effective and can help both the acoustics and the design of any room, as well as being adapted to your needs and preferences.



  • SilentPET am Zürich- und Neuenburgersee

    SilentPET Partner Decolab - Akustiklösungen

    Wir freuen uns, dass sich die Firma Decolab dazu entschlossen hat, unsere SilentPET in Ihrem Sortiment von edlen Design- und Akustikelementen aufzunehmen.

    Decolab verfügt über schöne Ausstellungsräume in Horgen am Zürichsee und in Neuenburg am Lac de Neuchâtel, in denen Sie Ihre ausgesuchten Akustik- und Beleuchtungssysteme präsentieren.