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Sound baffles for industry and production

sound baffles reduces the noise level

SilentPET® sound baffles offers effective solutions for industry and production.

Especially in large industrial halls and production rooms, good room acoustics contribute extremely much to calming and noise reduction.

The acoustic problem

industrie akustikloesungen

The noise in industrial halls can be harmful to health in the long run and reduce the ability of employees to concentrate. The loud noise of the machines and production facilities is distributed throughout the hall via the hard floor, ceiling and large glass surfaces and comes back amplified by the echo effect. The noise level is constantly at a very high level.

Employees seem to get used to it over time. However, as many studies around the world prove, this constant noise level affects the health of employees and cases of illness are more frequent than in quiet workplaces. Health authorities around the world are warning about noisy workplaces and there are increasing demands for noise reduction measures.

Sound baffles – The acoustic solution

SilentPET® sound baffles reduces the echo effect in large halls. The room acoustics are optimised as a result and the noise level can drop massively because the sound waves no longer remain in the room for such a long time. Due to its high robustness and impact resistance, the SilentPET® Industry version can also be used in demanding areas for acoustic optimisation. The SilentPET® Industry baffles are particularly suitable for use in large halls and can be the ideal, cost-effective solution in industrial areas.

A quieter workplace definitely pays off for the company in the long term and also benefits the health of the employees.

Our suggestion

SilentPET® Industry installed on the ceiling and/or walls reduces the noise level and legal regulations can be complied with again. SilentPET® Industry sound baffles are a cost-effective solution and are ideal for minimising sound spread in large halls.

SilentPET® Industry

Sturdy acoustic elements

Robust, impact-resistant acoustic elements for demanding, industrial environments. Insensitive to moisture and not prone to mould or vermin infestation.

SilentPET® Baffel

Acoustic panels for high rooms

Are a very efficient acoustic solution, especially in industrial buildings and large halls. The high sound absorption of the panels improves the acoustics and reduces the noise level.

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