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Perfect Acoustic elements – Made from recycled PET bottles!

SilentPET® acoustic elements offer a wide range of sound-absorbing design products.

Acoustic panels, acoustic pictures, acoustic wall elements, ceiling panels, acoustic baffles, acoustic partitions, room dividers and much more create optimal room acoustic solutions for office, industrial, commercial and private areas.

SilentPET® Home & Office

Acoustic panels and acoustic ceilings for perfect room acoustics

For a comfortable room feeling and less noise in the living area, office, classroom, practice, hotel, restaurant and everywhere else where not only acoustics is important but also aesthetics is of high value.

SilentPET® Print & Art

Acoustic elements for artfully designed room acoustics

Room acoustic solution and art in one element. As an acoustic picture or hand-painted artwork – Print & Art are the perfect acoustic elements in villa, hotel lobby, dining room and other exclusive locations.

SilentPET® Industry

Sturdy acoustic elements for industrial applications

Sturdy, impact-resistant acoustic elements for demanding, industrial environments. Insensitive to moisture and not prone to mould or vermin infestation. 

SilentPET® Baffel

Acoustic panels especially for high rooms

Are a very effective acoustic solution, especially in industrial buildings and large halls. The high sound absorption of the panels improves the acoustics and reduces the noise level.

SilentPET® FlexWall

Acoustic partition walls as noise and privacy protection for any workplace

The SilentPET® FlexWall screen offers excellent room acoustics and structures your office into work areas according to your requirements.

SilentPET® Acoustic lights

Acoustically effective lights

SilentPET® acoustic lights combine modern design, excellent light and energy efficiency with optimal acoustics. Especially in offices or living areas, the highly absorbent acoustic solution combined with an efficient light source can effectively improve the quality of life and work.

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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