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Soundproof rooms to improve concentration in classrooms

soundproof rooms for quiter classes

To souundproof rooms with SilentPET® solves acoustic problems in classrooms and training rooms or auditoriums. This allows better concentration and less stress for students and teachers. 

The acoustic problem

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As a multitude of studies prove, many schools have catastrophic acoustic conditions. The hard, large surfaces in the rooms result in a far too long reverberation time and the rooms are already extremely loud in their basic noise. The noise levels are often so high that they are unacceptable for students and teachers for health reasons. Teaching staff are more often stressed by the constant exposure to noise and find it difficult to be patient. Students can hardly concentrate after a short time and their ability to learn decreases.

Unfortunately, these facts have hardly been taken into account in the design of classrooms up to now, and even modern classrooms do not have optimal room acoustics. This is where soundproof rooms with SilentPET® can massively improve the situation, even at a later date.

The solution – soundproof rooms

SilentPET® placed in the right position in the room reduces the noise level in the classroom without affecting the intelligibility of the teacher or lecturer. The students become more quiet and can concentrate better. The atmosphere in the room becomes more pleasant and the stress factor is massively reduced. The receptivity of the students lasts longer and teaching becomes much more pleasant and easier for the teacher.

Our suggestion

The entire SilentPET® range is available for use in classrooms and schools. Depending on the requirements and the place of use, a design element can also improve the appearance of the room, or a SilentPET® Industry version can be the right solution for greater mechanical stress. Our specialist retailers will be happy to advise you on these matters.

SilentPET® acoustic panels

More than just an acoustic panel

SilentPET® meets the highest requirements and standards. The sound absorbers are ideal for use in kindergartens, schools or living areas. Insensitive to moisture, not prone to mould or vermin infestation. SilentPET® acoustic panels offer a wide range of sound-absorbing design products. 

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