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Improved restaurant acoustics – relaxed atmosphere

good restaurant acoustics create a pleasant atmosphere

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems in restaurants, canteens, dining rooms and other catering facilities.

The manager is nice, the staff courteous. The cuisine is widely praised and recommended. However, guests often only stay in the restaurant for a short time and leave quickly after their meal just due to bad restaurant acoustics. They complain about the noisy room and don’t really feel comfortable despite the excellent service.

The restaurant acoustics problem

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In today’s restaurants, the use of modern, mostly hard interior materials often means that the room is getting a bad room acoustic. As soon as a few guests are in the room, the noise level increases massively. Conversations become loud and difficult to understand. Even the staff have trouble understanding the guests’ orders, seem increasingly stressed and mistakes accumulate. The guests do not feel comfortable and many prefer to look for a quieter place next time.

The acoustic solution

SilentPET® can improve the restaurant acoustics in a cost-effective and also visually attractive way. The high sound absorption coefficient of the acoustic elements massively reduces the noise level. Pleasant resz^taurant acoustics and the lowered sound level increase the well-being of the guests in the room. In additionally, speech understandability is significantly improved and conversations can be held much more discreetly. The guest now appreciates not only your good food, but also the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in your restaurant.

Of course, this also has an effect on the service staff. The waitress has a more pleasant working environment, is less stressed and can once again look after your guests in a much more relaxed manner. You will be amazed at the effect this can have on your guest and turnover figures.

Our suggestion

SilentPET® Home & Office Acoustic elements can be installed simply and in a discreet way to massively improve the room acoustics. SilentPET Print & Art also offers the possibility of visually redesigning the room with coloured elements.

SilentPET HO 02 1100x765 1

SilentPET® Home & Office

For best room acoustics

The acoustic elements are specially designed to optimise room acoustics in offices or living areas. The design and acoustic elements are just as suitable for any other room as perfect sound absorbers.

SilentPET® Print & Art

The art of room acoustics

The acoustic element combines design and acoustic properties in one element. An individually designed sound absorber that optimises the acoustics in the room and improves the feeling of space.

SilentPET® Recycling
Next generation acoustic elements

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